It’s a man say gwan to a natty dread
Old man, old man
Old man, He says hey me, Mister Roots inna mind rub a dustyle,
Generation outside coming on and moving up your style.
Keep each one in your heart
Everyone is precious.
It’s a shepherd tellin to a natty dread
Wise man wise man
Please help Young generation
Get out of Babylon inna some deep vegetation tell them
Youth You should go to the
Mountain or Find an island
Surrounded by seas
Listen to the bees and trees along golden sand beaches
Country side, rivers, water fall
Are feeding your soul
Gardening, cooking & working
Just basics simple things
A deep good man, a deep wise man
For me It’s like a symphony
I’m sad when I’m inna city
Fisherman say gwan to a natty dread,
strong man, strong man
I heard some people say
I’m a poor man
That’s true Inna way
But Let me tell you
I won’t do more than this
even If I can
cool cool Bredda man
It’s enough for me
I deal with the sea
Share with friends and family
What It gives to me
I man feel right
When I smell salt
And it’s windy
For me It’s like a symphonyI’m sad when I’m inna city
Drop inna di flow
My feet inna di snow
In this boat I have to raw
Balance between fast and slow
Spicy selecta say gwan to a rasta man
Good man, good man
Breda man think ,
Make up the link,
Youth is the future
So help them feel better
Up and down your head
Little by little,
Far, close inna Middle,
Listen to this music and
meet cool people,
From everywhere
Let’s jump in the air,
I find my way ,
I try what I say,
Not tomorrow,
Let’s make it today