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Coming from different styles Faygo meets six musicians who wish to make you travel in their world through an explosive cocktail of various compositions. Strongly influenced by Rocksteady, Reggae and Dub, the group revisits the reggae music with a new look by combining conscious texts, original riddims and power of Skank.

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  • 30
    Interview de Faygo sur radio France Bleue Armorique

    Interview de Faygo sur radio France Bleue Armorique

    Faygo s'était retrouvé dans les locaux de France Bleue Armorique en septembre à l'occasion d'une interview. Cette interview décris notre ressenti ...

  • 21
    Les rastas du coeur Laval

    Les rastas du coeur Laval

    Retrouvez Faygo en concert des rastas du coeur à Laval le 29 septembre.L'entrée est de 5kg de denrées alimentaires qui seront reversées au resto d...

  • 22
    Order your Harvest album!

    Order your Harvest album!

    This is now three years and a month that the Faygo group is waiting for today! Last year the group met in a longhouse in the countryside to implement ...

  • 16
    Order your Faygo clothes!

    Order your Faygo clothes!

    From mid-September 2016, you will be able to order Faygo t-shirts, t-shirts, and unisex sweatshirts! The band is trying to set up its merchandising st...

  • 04
    Faygo EP released !

    Faygo EP released !

    After a year and a half of musical collaboration , the first CD Faygo is finally available ! A three songs recorded in studio The Red Unicorn in Renne...