Faygo groupe de reggae


Reggae roots revival


Faygo is an English-speaking Reggae-Dub band from Rennes in Brittany composed of 6 musicians.

For the past 7 years, the group has been crisscrossing the roads of France to meet an ever-growing audience, delivering more than a hundred livesincandescent.

Faygois a call to share, open-mindedness and travel and revisits the genre with fresh eyes.

Loving Reggae Roots and Dub, and as much influenced by Groundation, The Gladiators, and more generally Jamaican trios from the 70's, as by more modern bands such as Katchafire, Fat Freddy's Drop or Sebastian Sturm, Faygo distills hints of jazz, Afrobeat, blues, and funk into his reggae. So many styles that have built each of the band members.

faygo blooming
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09 August 2021
Arzon (56)
Faygo sextet - Scène d'été - Arzon 
27 August 2021
Rennes (35)
Faygo Sextet au village d'Alphonse 
29 August 2021
Paimpont (35)
Faygo Full band - Le pont du secret 
10 September 2021
Plérin (22)
Faygo Full Band - La Muz'Bouche 
25 September 2021
Châteaubourg (35)
Faygo Full Band - Emgav Festival 

The press talks about them

Musikalisch pflegen Faygo stellenweise das, was Bands wie Steel Pulse, Stick Figure, Slightly Stoopid, Third World und andere als rockigen Reggae seit Jahrzehnten formulieren. Nur klingen sie rhythmisch besonders elastisch, spritziger als manche US-Kollegen.

Musically the musicians of the band, enhanced by a great sounding four-piece horn section, deliver a well arranged sophisticated roots reggae sound that sounds very pleasant to the ears.

Faygo offre un véritable moment d’évasion avec des textes percutants qui résonnent sur un skank puissant. Le groupe laisse apprécier la précision et la finesse de ses instrus : un reggae tout simplement hypnotisant qui fait mouche 

Faygo Together

New album


After a fruitful harvest with its first album Harvest, the group Faygo sows new seeds to maintain its culture. Together, to continue the adventure, together to support each other, together to keep the energy of the group high.
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