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Course of the group


Faygo blooming 1

Faygo is celebrating its first decade and is returning to Southeast Asia!

The year began with the shooting of the video “For A Moment”, directed and filmed in Malaysia, between the skyscrapers and the intense nature of Kuala Lumpur. Joined by the essential Hip Hop icon, Reggaeambassador and founder of the “Singapor Dub Club”: MASIA ONE!

The band is honored to close the penultimate date of Max Roméo's Ultimate Tour with a memorable and moving evening.

The 9 musicians are recording the last part of the “BLOOMING III” trilogy, which will be released in spring 2024 and followed up with a well-rounded Summer Tour. They share the poster for the “Galettes du Monde” festival alongside artists like EAGLE EYE CHERRY or DELUXE.

Faygo is currently preparing his next show as well as a tour in France and abroad: the “BLOOMING TOUR 2024” to mark the group's 10th anniversary!!!


Faygo blooming 1

Faygo is pleasantly surprised to be nominated for the 2022 reggae victories in the public's favorite category.

This is a huge achievement for Faygo, after years of hard work and activism in reggae.

FAYGO is leaving for his BZH Tour and spreading big bass and smiles across the Far West.

Collected thirty dates including the iconic NO LOGO festival, the TOMAHAWK festival, the Salty Reggae Party, the Nio Far festival and thrilled more than 5000 souls when it came to Les Régalades de Lamballe! ..

Then shot a quirky video alongside the Angevin apache Tomawok on the title: Criminal!

On December 9, Blooming 2 comes out.



Faygo blooming 1

Faygo will record its 3th album, due for commercial release in May 2022.


Faygo au Sunset Beach Festival

Faygo is flying to Thailand, including a lineup at the Sunset Beach Music Festival, the country's biggest Reggae event. The band is gracing this 12-day Thai tour with no less than 7 other dates, including the University of Fine Arts in Bangkok, a Live at the "Sk8xophone" studio in Bangkok and several renowned Reggae concert cafes between the center and south of the country. 

This tour comes about thanks to the collaboration with Judean Kong, a Thai artist and founder of the dub band "Jonathan & Calvin", recognized from the Thai Reggae scene, who performed the featuringon the track No More Slaveryfrom the album Together.

On site, they make the video for the track together with the "What I Like" video production team (+ 10000 views on Youtube)

On his return, a summer tour of about twenty dates was planned in France to which should be added about ten dates then under negotiation. However, because of the health crisis, only a minority of them could be maintained and insured.

Restricted by the rhythm of confinements and other curfews, the group took advantage of this empty period of live to move forward with the elaboration of their new album.


Faygo is releasing his 2nd album Together in collaboration with Fawaka Productionphotographer Tanguy Marchand for visuals, Irie Ites/Musical Impactfor album promotion, and Inouïe distributionfor physical and digital distribution. Faygo recruits a brass section (slide trombone, trumpet and saxophone) for the occasion and entrusts the writing of the section's scores, to Simon Latouche.

The band announces its release, at a release party organized on October 17 by Fawaka Production at the Ubu, mythical concert hall in Rennes. On this occasion, Faygo invites the bands The Fanatiks, BI.BA and the DJ Noar Selecta.

A video for the track Be Yourself is also being shot with director Olivier Judicaël and dancer Isaac N'Vemba and released in June on Youtube, via the Reggaeville platform.


The group created an associative collective named "Fawaka Records" to federate independent reggae in Brittany, organizing, among other things, inter-group musical meetings in downtown Rennes.

Faygo established its notoriety that year, playing in larger festivals such as the NO LOGO BZH, the Melting Dub, the Titour Festival, the Arrêtes Ton Cirque Festival, as well as the Enchanted Flute alongside renowned artists like The Wailers, Naaman, Max Romeo and many others. ..


Faygo au wadada festival

The band is defending its Harvest album with a score of dates such as the Wadada festival, the Seanapse festival, the Trolls en Folies or the Foins d'hiver.


The group was spotted locally and supported by the "Horizons", a grouping of different structures of current music in Rennes including Antipode MJC, Canal B, Jardin Moderne, CRIJ Bretagne, Radio Campus Rennes as well as the festival I'm from Rennes

A few months later, the band releases their 1st LP album "Harvest", in self-production. 


These years see the creation of the group, formed in 2013 between a few friends passionate about music and in particular Reggae.

The first compositions thus see the light of day, very quickly followed by the first concerts, a first 3-track EP recorded at the studio "La Licorne Rouge" in Rennes. Enthused by the project, the core group - composed of the singer Romain Macé, the guitarist Sébastien Gamarde and the drummer Théo Morin - starts looking for musicians, in order to flesh out the sound of the band. In 2015, the current sextet's lineup was formed with the arrival of Jean-Baptiste Hueber (bass), Antoine Carfantan (keyboards) and Cédric Giscos (lead guitar). The adventure is launched...